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Dorm Restaurants

  1. There are currently two dorm restaurants in the University, with one on the first basement floor of Kuang-Fu Dormitory No. 2 and the other on the first basement floor of Ching-Yeh Dormitory No. 1. The Housing Service Division administers the operation of the two restaurants, the Health Division supervises their hygiene and the Office of General Affairs procures and maintains their facilities.
  2. The dorm restaurants serve meals on the principle of “gourmet food at a low price” and “sanitation first.” A number of meal services at preferential rates are posted online at the website of the Housing Service Division, as well as on the bulletin board of the restaurants.
  3. A questionnaire survey on restaurant services is conducted every semester to understand the demands and suggestions of students and faculty members, which can be used as criteria to evaluate and improve the performance of the contracted suppliers. Meanwhile, the University Catering Committee functions as a supervisory mechanism to control restaurant hygiene and food quality.
  4. Please contact the Housing Service Division by phone (ext 86346) or by fax (06-2003273) to make any suggestion about dorm restaurants.
  5. The dorm restaurant information website at https://sites.google.com/view/ncku-cafeteria covers a variety of information ranging from restaurant operations, preferential food and beverage consumption, customer opinion and feedback, restaurant service questionnaire surveys and restaurant hygiene education.