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(I) Bed Vacancy and Occupation
Dormitory Census Rule
Q: What will happen to a resident student who fails to respond to a dormitory census?
A: A dormitory census shall be conducted every semester by the counselors in the company of dormitory managers and Dormitory Service Committee members in order to better understand issues related to accommodation and dormitory safety. When necessary, a census or a random sampling survey may be conducted more frequently. Any census shall be publicized in advance, and all dormitory students should comply with the necessary actions.
A resident student who fails to respond to a census shall be considered as having forsaken the right to any bed space, and thus disqualified from dormitory accommodation.
Non-Residence Clearance Rule
Q: What are the rules for non-residence clearance during winter or summer breaks?
A: Dormitory students who have not applied for residence during winter or summer breaks shall have their beds cleared and vacated at the end of each semester. The dormitory will have a storage room available for non-resident students to deposit their belongings during the non-resident period. However, the dormitory is not responsible for safeguarding any items deposited in the storage room. Those who need to deposit personal items may check with the dormitory service personnel with regard to using the storage room.
(II) Accommodation Fee Payment
Accommodation Fee
Q1: How do students know the accommodation fee for each dormitory?
A: The accommodation fees for dormitory residence are detailed and posted on the website of the Division at http://housing.osa.ncku.edu.tw/p/412-1052-17026.php?Lang=en
Note: International students receiving a University scholarship are entitled to an accommodation fee adjustment.
Q2: How do students pay an accommodation fee?
 A: Please log onto the website of Bank of Taiwan for Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees at https://school.bot.com.tw/twbank.net/index.aspx to have the bill printed and paid accordingly.
Q3: How do students pay an overdue accommodation bill? What if no accommodation bill is available on the website of Bank of Taiwan?
 A: An overdue accommodation bill shall be paid at the designated counter in the Bank of Taiwan. A student who fails to download a personal bill may contact a dormitory counselor by phone or go to the Division personally to check the problem and get a hardcopy of the bill.
Dormitory Internet Fee
Q: How much is the dormitory Internet fee? How is the dormitory Internet fee paid?
A: The dormitory Internet service provided by the Computing Center costs a resident student NT$200 per semester, which is included in the accommodation fee.
Air Conditioning Fee
Q: How is air conditioning charged and paid for?
A: Each dormitory head will work with the assistance of part-time student workers to record the numbers on the meter for each air-conditioned bedroom at the beginning and end of each semester. On the final day of residence, the air conditioning fee is collected by each dormitory head according to the power consumption, which can be calculated by 1kwh-unit price multiplied by the numerical difference on the meter. The current 1kwh-unit price is NT$ 2, and any changes will be publicized.
(III) Dormitory Issues
Maintenance Application
Q: How does a resident student apply for dormitory facility maintenance?
A: An application form for facility maintenance is available at the dormitory office or on the BBS. A resident student should have an application form completed (with application date, room number and item for maintenance) and submitted to dormitory managing personnel, who will proceed to have the facility maintained or report the case online to the Construction and Maintenance Division, based on the damage found.
Hot Water Supply
Q: When is hot water available?
A: Hot water is available between 17:00 to 23:00 in the summer time, and between 17:00 to 24:00 in the winter time.
Mail and Package Delivery
Q1: How is mail addressed and delivered to a campus dormitory?
A: (1) Chingyeh Campus Dormitory Address:
Mr. /Ms. _____, Room No. ____, Ching-yeh Dormitory No. 1 (No. 2 or No. 3), No. 57, Hsiaotung Rd., Northern District, Tainan City, 704
(2) Shengli (Kuangfu) Campus Dormitory Address:
Mr. /Ms. _____, Room No. ____, Shengli (Kuangfu) Dormitory No. _____, No. 1, University Rd., Eastern District, Tainan City, 701
 (3) A (non-post office) package in a home delivery service should be delivered to the recipient
personally by the deliverer with advance notice. If the recipient is not available at
the time of delivery, the Dormitory Service Committee office will receive the package on
their behalf and issue a prompt notice of claim to the recipient.
Q2: How does a resident student claim registered mail or packages on receiving a notice from the Mail Delivery Office?
 A: Please go to the Mail Delivery Office on Chengkung Campus to claim the item with your student ID card.
Dormitory Internet Service
Q1: What should a resident student do about problems with the dormitory Internet service?
A: A resident student is required to enter personal data online or contact the  Computer and Network Center at ext. 61010 for help in order to use the dormitory Internet service. If any Internet disconnection or breakdown occurs, a resident student should log onto the website of the Computing Center at http://www.cc.ncku.edu.tw/dorm/ to apply for a repair service. The Computer and Network Center will assign a technician to fix the problem at an appointed time.
Q2: What length of Internet cable is required?
 A: An Internet cable that is one to three meters in length is sufficient.
Communicating Opinions about Accommodation
Q: How are opinions about accommodation communicated?
A: Your opinions about accommodation can be communicated in one of the
following manners:
1. Please check with the dormitory office (i.e. managers and counselors) to give your opinions. The contact information can be found on the bulletin board of each Dormitory Service Committee office and on the website of the Division.
    The office hours are from 8am to 5pm for the managers, and from 1pm to 10pm for the counselors.
    The aforementioned office schedule is also shown on the website of the Housing Service Division.
2. Send your email to the Division at em86340@email.ncku.edu.tw.
Q: Is a visitor allowed to stay overnight, if a bed is vacant?
A: No. According to Article 11 of the University housing contract, a resident student who is found to have allowed a visitor stay overnight or take a shower in the dormitory shall be disqualified from on-campus accommodation, with no refund of any paid dormitory fees. In addition, such a violation will be further dealt with according toNCKU Regulations for Student Discipline.
Keys and Sensors
Q: What should a resident student do to seek help with the problems related to room keys or dorm door sensors which are forgotten, lost or damaged?
A: A resident student should seek help from the service attendants (or on-duty officers) at each dormitory. The monthly duty  schedule can be found on the website of the Housing Service Division
Notes for Dorm Life Safety
The operating procedures of communication for dormitory entrance safety, personal safety, property security and campus safety are detailed and shown on the bulletin of each dormitory.