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Accommodation Census (111-1)

Accommodation Census Notice for the 111-1 Semester

1.    The accommodation census of the111-1 semester is scheduled to be held from Sep. 05, 2022 to Sep. 16, 2022.  The exact date varies with dorms.  Please refer to the announcement in your building for detailed information.

2.    Residents who have difficulty cooperating with their dormitory staff for the scheduled census shall report to their dormitory staff in advance.  Still, every resident shall take part in the census within the announced time. Residents who fail to take part in or finish the census will be canceled of their residency.

3.    Those who would like to cancel their accommodation shall apply with the resident counselor and complete check-out process.  

4.    Please refer to Article 13 of National Cheng Kung University Student Dormitory Regulations for detailed information on charge standard of cancellation after check-in day.  

5.    Those who fail to finish the census are regarded as giving up their accommodation and the paid dorm fee shall not be refunded.  A resident with unpaid bill shall be subjected to an administrative scrutiny for any application for departure from the University or for another dormitory accommodation.


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