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NCKU Student Dormitory Epidemic Prevention Measures-20211006

NCKU Student Dormitory Epidemic Prevention Measures-20211006
As per the latest epidemic prevention guidelines from CECC and MOE on October 4, 2021, NCKU student dormitory will accordingly adjust the epidemic prevention measures as the following from Oct. 07, 2021:

I.          The following public facilities in each dorm are open to residents of the same building. The guideline for the usage of the public facilities varies by dorms and by facilities. Please refer to the announcements in your dorm building for more details before making use of the facilities. The staff will conduct random checks to make sure users of the public facilities follow the guidelines. Users who fail to follow the guidelines will receive violations.

  • i.              Study halls, lobbies, recreation areas, and sports equipment.
  • ii.              The kitchenette and the prayer room. The resident who wishes to use the kitchenette and the prayer room shall apply with the dorm manager in advance.

II.         Kuang-Fu and Ching-Yeh student cafeterias are open for dining in. There is no requirement of dividers or a distance of 1.5 meters when eating in food and beverage venues.

III.       Access control:

  • i.              The single-entry-and-single-exit policy remains the same.
  • ii.              There is no entry for all visitors, except for maintenance staff approved by the Housing Service Division. The visitors include but are not limited to parents, residents from different dorm buildings.
  • iii.              Those who need to transfer objects to residents may send them to the office or the security guard of the recipient’s dorm building.

IV.      Other applicable rules from the competent authority should be followed.




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