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NCKU Student Dormitory Epidemic Prevention Measures-20210520

CDC Taiwan has declared that Level 3 epidemic prevention rules take effect on May 20, 2021. NCKU student dormitory will accordingly take the following measures immediately:

1.    The accommodation application for the 2021 spring semester is suspended.

2.    Residents who would like to complete the check-out procedures before the end of the 2021 spring semester may contact the resident counselor for assistance: https://housing-osa.ncku.edu.tw/p/412-1052-17024.php?Lang=en.

3.    The single-entry and multiple-exit access control policy in student dorm buildings will remain effective.  

4.    All residents are required to take their forehead temperature, keep a record of their daily contact, and watch closely for the latest precaution measures of the University: https://app.pers.ncku.edu.tw/ncov/index.php?auth.

5.    Public facilities in student dormitories will be closed immediately. The said facilities include but are not limited to study rooms, lobbies, recreation rooms, the kitchenette, and the prayer room. The opening date will be announced according to the development of the epidemic.

6.    No entry for all visitors, except for maintenance staff approved by the Housing Service Division. The visitors include but are not limited to parents, residents from different dorm buildings.

7.    Those who need to transfer objects to residents may send them to the office or the security guard of the recipient’s dorm building.

8.    Wear a mask when you go outside and keep your hands clean.

9.    The student cafeteria provides takeaway service only. No dine-in service is available.

During the epidemic, we need your cooperation to keep everyone safe and healthy. Thank you!

Housing Service Division, OSA, NCKU


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